Winners Of The Crowd Challenge And La Gringa Interview

Hello MedStartrs,

We have some very exciting news today, we get a chance to sit down with Sidonia Rose Swarm, and discuss her new book La Gringa. Sidonia experience working in healthcare, as well as founding her own healthcare company is shown on full display in her book. In La Gringa the main character turns to gem smuggling to fund her company.  Many of the scenarios will be familiar to anyone who started their own startup in healthcare (hopefully not working with the cartels).

“La Gringa explores that what’s right and what’s legal are often blurred lines for the shady criminals of sunny Miami.”

We have the full video on click the button below to watch it!  You can also pick up your own copy on Amazon, Kindle, or audible. It’s the perfect book to read this summer on the beach.

Watch the interview

I want to buy that book!


War On COVID Crowd Challenge Winners

1st place- Litesprite

Litesprite’s digital therapeutic games for chronic conditions deliver data-driven insight to clinicians & patients. Sinasprite is our clinically-validated mental health video-game. Their Website 

2nd place- First Outcomes: HlthBots

First Outcome’s HlthBots provide resiliency and on-demand scaling to physician operations, allowing them to meet surge care needs in times of disaster or other health emergencies. Their Medstartr Product 

3rd Place- illuminate Health

A digital care platform clinically designed to assist SUD patients in managing their recovery and help create habits for a sustainable sober life. Their Website 

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