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What is MedStartr?

MedStartr is the first and leading healthcare specific crowdfunding site. Crowdfunding enables people to get behind and support what they care about.

Who Can Use MedStartr?

Non-profits, Open Source projects, Start-ups, Doctors, Patients, and Medical institutions have been able to raise an average of over $9,000 each online and over $400,000 off in our first few months and it is getting better every week. Just as important key partnerships have been developed through the platform for most of our projects. Manufacturers, developers, distributors, and more have stepped up and adopted, accelerated, invested, and even acquired companies that have put their projects on MedStartr It is a very exciting time to start a healthcare innovation project, especially when it is powered by crowdfunding.

Two Teir Service Model: Basic and Accelerated

Most crowdfunding sites have a self-service model, giving access to FAQs and videos, but that is about it. In healthcare we find that many projects need a little more help and direction to succeed. Most health innovators went to BMed School or Grad School, not B School or Film School. That’s ok, our team of MBAs, Film Makers, Mentors, copywriters, and marketers are experts in what works in healthcare crowdfunding. This is why 68% of our projects are finding success, compared to about 7% for healthcare projects on other sites.

Basic Level: While we are limited in what we can give everyone, we offer several hours of expert help to everyone and are always available for questions and coaching as needed. Our Getting Funded Guide gives day by day instructions of what to do and is based upon the successful campaign run by Eric Migicovsky of Pebble fame.

Accelerated Level: Our Full Acceleration Service level includes as much hands-on time as you need, videography help, direction, business design and analysis, partner matching, Angel and VC introductions, and more. While a traditional accelerator will charge you 6% of your company for this service, MedStartr only charges 10% of what is raised online and if approriate and accepted, only 3% of what happens offline for 120 days after your campaign ends. We try to be fair and only be paid on your success. If you are interested in the MedFundr program please apply here. Not all projects are eligible for the weekly coaching sessions

What it costs: All or Nothing OR Flexible Funding

Since we launched we have been learning what works in Healthcare Crowdfunding and now offer a higher level of service for a higher fee structure. Our facilitated basic service costs 5% for “All or Nothing” campaigns and 8% for “Flexible Funding” Campaigns.

Two Teirs of Service


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