Thriving After Healthcare Reform

We held a fantastic event last week with an incredible panel hosted by our friends at Emblem Health and led by Medical Director Dr. Eliza Ng.  It was pretty excellent and over 110 community members joined us and some of the leaders from the health innovation community.  After all the politics and positioning, at the end of the day Hospitals, Doctors, Patients, and Plans need to find ways to make PPACA work and satisfy the triple aims while not going out of business or going bankrupt from medical bills and higher premiums. This event brought to the stage diverse viewpoints on how things are going and what is currently working for large physician groups, hospitals, plans, and patients, and to discuss new care delivery models, population health, patient engagement and the roles of analytics and mhealth.

A really fantastic summary of the content was done by Joe Camaratta.  Please read that here.

To see the original event writeup and attendees, please visit the page on our meetup group site here.

Or just watch the whole thing here:

To see the videos of all our health 2.0 NYC events, please visit  Thanks for watching!

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