The Winners of the 2021 Vision Challenge!

After the rough year, 2020 was for everyone; it was always nice knowing that every few weeks, we would be able to bring 10 teams together to show how they would impact healthcare in the coming years. Everyone who competed in these finals has already proven successful in the future years, but we wanted to find which team will most significantly impact 2021 and beyond. To watch the finals for here

3rd place

Implandata – Max Ostermeier – 

MedStartr Project –

Implandata is going to transform glaucoma care via its disruptive Eyemate system for digitally-enabled remote management of glaucoma patients

2nd place 

Sana Health – Richard Hanbury 

Sana is a nonaddictive simple mask and headphones you wear on your head. The device uses audio visual stimulation to increase the balance between your brain’s left and right side, leading to greater relaxation.

and the winner 

Floelle-Jerrold Shapiro 

MedStartr Project –

Treating female stress urinary incontinence

Making 500 million women happy by treating their incontinence without surgery, giving them their lives back


We want to thank all the fantastic teams that come on stage and enter our contest! We have high hope for all of you and know you will make tremendous changes in people’s lives. We also want to thank all the fantastic judges and audience that came to these events. Without you, we couldn’t promote healthcare innovation! 


Once again, thank you!

-The MedStartr Team 


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