The Winners from Heat 2 of the MedMo Vision 2021 Challenge

Oct 22, 2020
Yesterday was one of the most competitive pitch contest on the MedMo World Tour this year, with a wide range of companies presenting. There was something for everyone, from women’s health to artificial kidneys. After an incredible 3 hours of presentations, we want to thank all the teams and everyone who watched. To see all 11 teams that pitched please visit the previous blog post here.

If you missed the event, check it out here!

You can see the video of this and all the other heats on, as always as well.

We are pleased to announce the top five teams.  Several of these teams are in the startup showcase on MedStartr, as well as companies in the running for the next heat, so please find them on today here.  All will be considered for investment by MedStartr Ventures and have begun their due diligence process already..

2021 Vision Challenge Semi-Finals Heat #2 winners

1- Floelle By Jerrold Shapiro

You can find and fund Floelle on here:

Treating female stress urinary incontinence, making 500 million women happy by treating their incontinence without surgery, giving them their lives back

2- GFR90: A Wearable Artificial Kidney by Norm Tiffin

You can find and fund GFR90 on here

GFR90 is a medical device development company created to bring a wearable artificial kidney to people suffering from end-stage renal disease

3- A Three-Way Tie! Sometimes even the large amount of crowd data we have is inconclusive, so we had a three way tie for 3rd place, all great teams!

A. Docpace by Shelby Sanderford

DOCPACE takes the guesswork out of managing your healthcare business. Their predictive software shows you how to effectively serve your patients, which increases their satisfaction and maximizes your billable hours at the same time.

B.Grief Coach by Emma Payne

Grief Coach sends personalized text messages all year long, based on your loss. If you have friends and family who want to help but aren’t sure how they’ll receive tips and reminders too. Everyone’s messages will be customized based on age, cause of death relationship.

C. Cloud 9 by Delanea Davis

Please visit and support this project on MedStartr today at

The Cloud 9 Online digital platform provides an at-home healing tool to patients/employees and predictive analytics to medical providers to improve wellness outcomes. This white-labeled platform improves doctor/patient compliance while reducing the use of pharmaceuticals.

We just want to thank all the teams again for a fantastic job and everything they are doing to drive innovation forward every day!  Sign up for Heat 3 at!

To Sponsor this Challenge or our events, please visit our Eventbrite page at,  call us at 530.MED.STAR (530.633.7827) or email us here.

Check out the videos of all the #2021Vision events here:

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2021 Vision Challenge Heat # 2 Video
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