Crowdfunding is not intuitive to most of us, even here at MedStartr there has been much to learn.  Our first campaigns took over 400 views to get a single backer.  Now we average 50 and sometimes as few as 20 explaining why our Optimized campaigns are about 9 times more likely to succeed than your average campaign on any other site.  Even DIY campaigns are 5 times more likely to succeed on MedStartr and this is due to all the limited help we provide everyone and the crowd that regularly visits the site. We think all great campaigns in healthcare innovation are Too Important to Fail, in our opinion, so we strongly encourage everyone to at least scan the below posts.  Time to go to MedStartr School.  Chances are you did great in Med School or Grad school to get here.  This stuff is easy and you can learn very quickly right here.  If you have questions, always be welcome to call or contact us.

Top Ten Things Every Crowdfunder MUST do

Preparing for Success

Social Media for Crowdfunding

The Difference between facebook and twitter

Embedding Your Campaign

Using Linked In for your Campaign

Making Killer Videos

Making Viral Videos in Healthcare, also includes our favorite videos so far

How to maximize Events and Speaking Opportunities

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