mentor_hive2It Takes A Crowd to Do Anything of Value in Healthcare

One of the greatest benefits of doing a project on MedStartr or being in the MedStartr Ventures Portfolio is getting access to the MedStartr Mentor crowd of expert patients, leading physicians, journalists, marketing leaders, innovation partners, early adopters, accredited investors, and thought leaders in healthcare.  In a partner-driven industry, getting feedback and adoption is harder than creating amazing products.  Our incredible MedStartr Mentors have enabled dozens of MedStartr to drive innovation in healthcare faster and better than ever.  Thank you to our mentors, You Guys Rock!

Here is just a sampling of our Amazing MedStartr Mentors:

Alan Brody (Author of “Are Your Fundable”, Investor Events: iBreakfast / Startupalooza series)
Alicia Staley (@Stales, Cancer Survivor, Hospital Community Leader, IT Analyst)
Dave Chase (Developer, Entrepreneur, Avado CEO, ex-Microsoft, Forbes and HuffPo Writer, Healthcare Crowdfunding Expert)
David K. Williams, RN (Nurse, Founder, Entrepreneur)
Eugene Borukovich (@HealthEugene, Ex-CTO Medco Europe, Health 2.0 NYC Founder, Health 2.0 Amsterdam)
Eythor Ernsstson (@CasualCorp, Designer, Developer, Gameification expert e.g. Pioneerville, CareVerge)
Fred Trotter (@FredTrotter, Big Data/ Open Data Guru, Author, Healthcare Crowdfunding Expert)
Gregg Masters, MPH (@2HealthGuru, Managed Care Executive, Videographer, Digital Media Strategist)
Kara Gorski, Ph.D. (@BraGGsOnline, Economist, Breast Cancer Survivor, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Crowdfunding Expert)
Kim Whittemore (@KimWhit, Breast Cancer Advocate, Consultant, Expert at bringing ideas to market e.g. Alivecor)
Matthew Browning, RN (@MatthewBrowning, Nurse, Founder, Entrepreneur)
Murray Jones (@TalkAboutHealth Developer, Entrepreneur, Cancer Community Leader:
Rami Rafeh (Clinical Innovations, Pfizer)
Regina Holliday (@ReginaHolliday, Artist, Patient Activist, Blogger, Conference Organizer, Crowdfunding Expert)
Sarah Krug (Executive Director, Cancer 101 foundation, President, Society for Participatory Medicine, ex-Pfizer)
Sarah Kucharski (@FMDChat, Non-Profit Founder, Crowdfunding Expert)
Sandeep Pulim, MD (@SPulim, Physician, Blogger, Startup co-Founder)
Stephen Greene (Healthcare PR Professional, Sperlingreene)

…and hundreds more of our members with specialized knowledge and skills are being invited to get involved with projects and contests as advisers, judges, and more.  We have just created the online Mentor Profile that allows mentors to be listed on the MedStartr site and have special access to projects on the platform – Check it out here!   We are just getting started in building our online Mentor Network so if you want to be part of the “Crowd that Cares” and get involved in driving innovation forward, we encourage you to apply today  We know everyone has something to offer and would love to add you to our diverse list of distinguished mentors.

Benefits of Being a MedStartr Mentor

  • First look and first access to some of the hottest innovations in healthcare (great for institutional or corporate leaders and investors!) Companies in your areas of interest can be emailed to you as they appear on the platform – daily or in a weekly summary.
  • Instant communications with anyone in the MedStartr Global Community: normally a member of the community on the MedStartr Site must request permission to communicate, like on Linkedin. As a MedStartr Mentor, you do not need to ask permission.
  • Inclusion in our weekly to bi-weekly Investment Review Forums where you will hear from one of our portfolio companies and at least one team in our investment pipeline. Your input will be important in our final investment decision and you or your organization can benefit from our industry-leading selection process and due diligence program
  • Listing as a MedStartr Mentor on MedStartr and on Linkedin. Note: your Title on Linkedin should be “Mentor” and link to the MedStartr company profile. Description can be, “Contribute to the process of selecting and accelerating companies on the MedStartr platform, crowd challenges, and portfolio. Act as a subject matter expert in the areas of [insert areas of expertise]”
  • Inclusion in MedStartr Mentor Network listing, events and programs
  • Inclusion in panels and judging opportunities at our events locally in your area or virtually
  • Invitations to speak at our events and those of our partner events around the world and in your city
  • Access to the MedStartr Network of over 90,000 innovators and investors with warm introductions upon request
  • Access to all special investment opportunities (accredited and institutional investors only)
  • Invitations to special events for our fund LPs, Mentors, Venture Partners, portfolio CEOs, and selected watch list companies
  • Higher weighting of your judging and crowd-validation responses at our events and on
  • Opportunities to participate in our MedStartr Acceleration Program (MAP) with 1:1 access to our newest portfolio and accelerator companies. This generally kicks off with a week in NYC twice a year and goes for three years for 20-30 high potential startups per year
  • Access to Judging data in contests you participate in
  • Helps you get more involved in innovation in medicine have an impact on the success of new ideas that will help millions live longer, better lives
  • Looks great on your linkedin Profile!
  • …and a really cool MedMo World Tour t-shirt!

Sounds great right!  But wait, there’s more!

If you are a very active MedStartr Mentor, like this guy, at the end of each year you also will be eligible to earn shares in one of our MedStartr Venture Funds.

How to Apply to be a MedStartr Mentor:

Step 1: Login to MedStartr and join the Global Community, we suggest you use Linkedin to login as it brings over all your data and helps us validate your credentials

Step 2: Fill out your interests with all the types of innovations you are interested in.

Step 3: Apply to be a mentor by checking the “Apply to be a Mentor” box on your profile.

After you do that we will get back to you promptly and start sending you projects not long thereafter.

Thank you for all you do to drive healthcare innovation forward.  We look forward to working with you to drive healthcare innovation further faster!