MedStartr Healthcare Innovators Club

Welcome to the online home of the MedStartr Healthcare Innovators Club on Clubhouse!  Here you can find news and information on our rapidly growing club on clubhouse that is focused on healthcare innovation.  We run up to 50 events a week there and have been learning and growing fast (see event schedule below.)

Not Just Talk: MedStartr is all about driving innovation further faster in healthcare.  The goal of the myriad conversations we enable is to not only talk about innovation but to do things, to get involved, to create the future of medicine together.  To this end, we created, a crowdfunding platform designed for healthcare startups.  It isn’t just for funding but for bringing patients, care team members, partners, pilots, and investors to the table for early-stage companies, non-profits, and people with innovative ideas.  As we ramp up our first Cross Clubhouse Community Crowd Challenge (#C5), we invite all startups to post their project on MedStartr.comClick here to find and fund some of your favorite clubhouse healthcare startups today!  The platform is open to all new ideas, missions, and startups in medicine.  Click here to learn more and post your project on MedStartr to get in front of thousands of healthcare innovation enthusiasts and leaders today.

Rooms and Events: Coming to MedStartr Events is all about connecting to a crowd of like-minded people interested in driving forward change in healthcare. Patients, doctors, nurses, therapists, allied health professionals. leaders from across the industry come, ready to discuss ways to improve care. Together we can do so much more. Join us!

Join the Discord: Want to go deeper and drop some links? Join our Discord server for 24/7 conversation or to learn more on topic and plan room – Join the Discord here!

Listen to our 🔴 recorded events: We record many of our events and post them for people to listen to even if they miss the show.  These are the events with the 🔴 in their description.  You can watch and listen to them on our channel here.

Moderator Training: We conduct live moderator training sessions every month.  We will record and post the next one, but for now, you can read our Moderator Training and Tips here (Alex’s detailed version) or here (Roland’s more summarized version.) or the video 

Get Your Own MedStartr Room: Want to bring people together on any topic in healthcare innovation?  Book a one or two hour room in an available slot on the MedStartr Healthcare Innovation Events schedule.  Please note, the regular shows take precedence (see below) so you may be rescheduled if you select any of these times.

Sponsor a Show or Challenge:  Large healthcare organizations and associations have been sponsoring MedStartr Events, Shows, and Challenges since 2008 in order to drive innovation further faster

Our Regular Weekly Shows:

Mondays (All times are Eastern Time, GMT-5)

10 AM: Weekly Planning Session

3 PM: Startup School – weekly startup Training hosted by Roland Da Silva and Alex Fair with support from the MedStartr Acceleration Program Mentors


5 AM: Improving the Patient Experience by Devi Bajaj

Noon: Radiology Innovations by Mark Puny

4 PM: Healthcare: Technology Demystified by  Kimley Mitchell

5 PM: Futures Thinking Matters by Angelique Robateau

7 PM: Rural Health Innovations by Tee Faircloth


3 PM: Crypto Currency and Healthcare


Every other Friday at 10 am: It’s Friday Pitches!!! by Alex Fair and Patrick Hurd

1:00pm: Billing Nerds Unite!

3:00 pm: Nursetech

Past Shows

While those are the regular shows, there are many more.  Check out the actual schedule below: