MedMoTips #4: Scale for your success ✔

Hello MedStartrs!

There are a million things you have to do when running a startup, so we’ll keep this as short as possible.

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Twiage was one of the first companies that we invested in and it all started with them winning a MedStartr crowd challenge in 2016. Since then twinge has entered dozens of hospitals across 16 different states. Of course, MedStartr wasn’t the only reason that they were able to be successful but we were always there to help along the way. We want to help you to as you grow your business, that’s why we sent tips to promote your company.  Ok, now on to the next set of tips

Tips 4: Rinse and Repeat

Tip # 16 – Update your backers 

  • 16.1 – Send out that update – Do you see that ‘update’ feature on your page? Well, use it if you haven’t already. Let your supporters know what is happening. They are interested in you and would welcome it.
  • 16.2 – Put up that Blog Post –  Write an article, about 400-600 words.  Post it, tweet about it, share it on FB. Get it out-and-about. And also send it to us for our weekly Medstartr newsletter. We want to include that in it.

Tip # 17 – Hold a virtual Event

Hold an event inviting your backers, user, bloggers, writers, organizations etc thanking them for their support and help in funding your innovation through MedStartr. Allow them to experience your product and listen to user testimonials etc. It could be as simple as hosting a zoom meeting. People want to meet founders, especially if they believe in your product.  

Tip # 18 – LinkedIn is a great resource, use it more

By now you are a regular on those LinkedIn groups you joined and have been participating in the conversations. Make a list of your ideal partners – search for connections on Linkedin and reach out to and engage at least 10 people.

Reach out to 10 more Bloggers. (these can be MD’s who like to blog regularly and have a good following)

Follow up with writers in the groups for publishing an article about the launch. Provide testimonials and expert content.

Tip # 19 – Start planning your final blitz

  • 19. 1 – Prepare some new marketing content for the final phase of your publicity blitz. Add stats, incorporate what you have learned so far etc.
  • 19.2 – Work on developing new content which you can incorporate into articles, blog posts, tweets etc.

Tip # 20- follow-up with your followers. Hopefully, by now you have been using twitter to follow topics, engage with leaders or interesting people by tweeting using the ‘@’ function.

  • 20.1 – Open Twitter and click on 5 accounts following you and 5 accounts you are following.
  • 20.2 – Google them for more information
  • 20.3 – Introduce yourself personally and suggest they visit your MedStartr Campaign page
  • 20.4 – At the end of the email, ask if they know someone else who might be interested in what you are doing and see if they will introduce you as well.
  • 20.5 – Continue this process on a regular basis.

Tip # 21 – Register for the finals and invite people who support you to also sign up. If you make the finals you’re going to want people who already support you and your product there.  

This week is important in terms of gaining ground and continuing the momentum. You cannot slow down. So get those thumbs ready, you have a lot to tweet and FB statuses to update!

Ok, do all that and Don’t stop!  Do an hour or two every day.  

Rock On!

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