MedMo Tips Day 3

Hello MedStartrs!

Welcome to your third batch of  MedStartr Momentum (MedMo) tips emails. We know you have a great amount to do, so we will get right on it.

About today’s image: Ever hear of Dave Chase?  Well, he got his start on MedStartr getting his first customers and partners during one of our first campaigns. He was also the first recipient of our MedStartr Accelerator Program where we provided strategic support, put him on stage, made key intros, and much more.  Dave was already highly skilled and had great energy and ideas, we just helped him apply his mad skills in ways that were more productive. And that is what we are all about, enabling smart, capable people with the benefits of what we have learned from others like you to stand on our platforms and raise your voices to make them go as far as possible.  So if you are ready, we are here to help!

MedMoTips # 3 Mission: Engage

Today’s MedMo Tips are all about engaging your audiences and building traction.  Here are a few ideas:

Tip # 12 – Google Your Idea and Related Topic and Engage

Google your area of interest and engage with the stories and posts you find in major media.  Make comments that people will find interesting, but don’t be too too self-promotional.  You can include a link to your project only after you have said something interesting about the relevant topic, usually in a signature – unless it is directly solving the problem being discussed.

Tip # 13 – Pick up the phone

Follow up on that first email blast with a few phone calls.  I am sure they want to hear from you. Getting that early traction is key and with many low cost or no-cost reward or donation options, there is no excuse not to help you out a little. Talk to satisfied customers, people who said they might invest, potential and current partners, and Family and Friends to help your innovation get that visible support.  The trust of people who know you will help you earn the trust of those who do not. Attempt to reach 20% of your goal to build momentum.

Tip # 14 – Planning for updates

Prepare an update for the end of the week – Use your Update Feature on MedStartr!  Just log in as the account creator and your comment posts will go to all that supported your project so far and be posted in the “Update” section of your project. We recommend that you give everyone an update at least once a week. 

Tip # 15 – Testimonials

Reach out to identify people who would be willing to give you testimonials about how your innovation will help them.  Ideally, they would post them to your updates or comments areas and then you tweet and share them.

Bonus Tip: Be relevant to maximize Engagement: 2020 has been an instance year so far and getting the attention of crowds of people is harder than ever.  We recommend you open your emails with something that is relevant and relate what you are doing to that.  For example, if you have a mask, note that people should never go to a protest unprotected.  The fact is, what we are doing as healthcare innovators is all about helping people live longer, better lives, so it is not hard to relate to current events as long as you keep those goals alive.

OK, that should be a good day of activities.

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