MedFundr LogoMedFundr is an equity Crowdfunding platform for companies raising at least $250,000.

Whether it is a device to treat spinal injuries, a health IT solutions to save hospitals money, a drug to be developed, or any disruptive technology that challenges the old way of doing things, MedFundr let’s Innovators and Investors connect to change healthcare and make it better for everyone.  Better yet, combined with a MedStartr program, ideas are validated and Crowdtested prior to investment.

How does it work?

Our business model is simple: Companies get the capital they need. Investors receive equity. MedFundr gets 5% of the raise or a 3/3 model – 3% of the raise and warrants for 3% equity.

The investors all go in as one entry on the cap table generally, though other models can be enabled.

So what’s next?

We put up our alpha on 9/24, the day after Title II of the JOBS act passed and innovators have been setting up their projects.  Request access here.  Be sure to include enough information in your request so that we can vet your project.  The best way to get ready though is to gather your “crowd that cares” with a MedStartr campaign.  GetStartd on that here.

Now we are starting to invite in accredited investors to test the beta.  Please sign up for that here.

It will be Epic, join us!