Heat 4 Winners- Tumor killer nanobots and Pediatric Wearable

As we wrap up the last heat of the 2021 vision. We are constantly reminded of the bright future healthcare has even after the rough year that 2020 brought. We consider all the teams that presented winners as they are truly making a mark in this world for the better. That’s why everyone in the photo above is holding a 1 up!

3rd place

Justpoint- Victor Bornstein

Link to Deck- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IuqKLmVRQAVsPn6ZcvLgQTtyulr8jRNV/view?usp=sharing
Website- http://justpoint.com

They developed a deep learning platform that (1) allows experts to quickly detect if a patient’s medical records have a medical mistake, (2) allows to the instant understanding of how much that lawsuit might receive in court based on a data set of almost 300,000 historical claims, and (3) allows to the detection of what hospitals should change to decrease exposure to lawsuits before lawsuits happen

RxLive – Mark Engelen

Link to Deck – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iMpTn4xQpRzenh6ruAbUrXb4-QBjgGdn/view?usp=sharing

RxLive is a technology-enabled marketplace of clinical pharmacists serving risk-bearing physician organizations, employers and other healthcare customers. Across multiple business models, our telehealth services connect part-time clinical pharmacists in their off-hours, most of whom are women, with seniors and other patients to help navigate the increasingly complex healthcare and pharmacy eco-system.

2nd place

Gabi Smartcare- Jonathan Baut

Link to Deck – https://drive.google.com/file/d/10QqbQ6IQphCk1zL–o7OoH27AWCIYm-G/view?usp=sharing
Website- http://www.gabismartcare.com

With the support of 50 doctors and 1000 parents, GSC has developed a smart, hardware-enabled digital health platform exclusively dedicated to pediatrics, providing a unique level of knowledge to all stakeholders (doctors, parents, and researchers) to better prevent, diagnose and monitor pediatric pathologies, with a 1st main axis: Respiratory.

1st place

Elbe Valley – Rob Reynolds

Link to Deck –https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OAhXwJybM6azUBU2ArBTBESmp6sfoTk3/view?usp=sharing
Website- http://www.elbevalley.com

They inject a patient intravenously with their devices which pass freely through the cardiovascular system until they are activated by an external RF field. The treatment is monitored in real-time by MRI and efficacy can be measured (unlike conventional radiotherapy regimens).

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