Day 2 Tips

Let us start by telling you a story about one of our favorite MedStartrs, Jen Ohlson (see above.)  Jen and her team followed our MedMoTips closely and even though she didn’t even have a twitter account when she started, she got her first major customer through twitter and has been killing it ever since.  Be like Jen and do EVERYTHING we suggest and your chances of success will be much greater.  In Jen’s case the first big customer was a friend of a friend of a friend – and by a “friend” I mean twitter follower, so not really even a real friend in most cases.  After she scored hat customer and won the fist AHA crowd challenge, she got her Fitbit for Gym Classes and other groups into over 600 schools in just 5 months.  Incredible growth for a startup!  See her project here and learn from a master!

Overall Theme: Get Amplified and Get Out!

Tip # 7 – Use Your Groups – Universities, Med Schools, Grad Schools, and other educational institutionsThis is an often-overlooked group, but trust us, universities have a huge vested interest in promoting their alumni and helping them succeed. Reach out to your university alumni group, invite them to visit your Medstartr page and back your innovation.  You also probably have a group from your schools on Linkedin and even Facebook, find those pages and tell your old classmates what you are up to.

Pro Tip: Look for the class representative from your year and ask them to include your project in the newsletter too!

Tip # 8 – Let Us and Others Help You Amplify Your Message.
Always mention @MedStartr, @alexbfair and others you know AND use the recommended hashtags (#WarOnCOVID #MedMo) when you tweet or post.  You may only have hundreds of followers but we have tens of thousands so when you use those hashtag we will retweet and send your message much farther, as will our mentors, judges, and sponsors if they are so inspired.  Also always remember to Publicly thank everyone that has helped via all social media channels – do this for every single backer, commenter, etc. People don’t always expect an acknowledgment, but love it when they get it and are then more likely to try and help you even further. Ask them to forward it to 10/20 people they think would also be interested while you are at it!

Tip # 9 – Start planning for the next few days-

  • 9.1 – Search and register for events that you intend to attend, offer to be a panelist, target different cities. Plan for an event a week. On a week when there are no events – plan a webinar/tweet chat.  –
  • 9.2 –  Start preparing an article, about 400-600 words. You will use this as a Blog post, and also for the weekly Medstartr newsletter that we send out. Send it to us at and we will include it.

Tip # 10 – Tweet and Post a few more times. See the ‘tweet activity’ metrics on your post and see if you can engage people who retweet / like your posts. Do the same for Facebook posts.  If you haven’t tried Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, you should.  They are like power tools for twitter.  Put #WarOnCOVID into your search, for example, and see what comes up. Do this every day!ok, that should be a good day of activities.  Don’t forget the other platforms too!  LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram or even tiktok are useful too.  Make sure you find your friendly neighborhood MedStartr team members like @alexbfair (Alex Fair) and even the judges in the crowd Challenge you can find here.

Oh, one more!

Tip # 11 – Attend the MedMoTips Webinars!  The next one is tomorrow morning at 10:30 EST.   If you missed Tuesdays, please be welcome to watch it in the MedStartrs Only section too or right

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