COVID 19 Challenge is ON

COVID-19 is running rampant throughout the world, and we need your help to fight it. Innovators, Experts, and Emergency Response leaders, procurement specialists and more are answering the call by inventing, searching, and using new ideas every day.  As a health innovation challenge and connection platform, we are doing our best helping connect all of you together 4 ways:
1. Newsletter / Blog Innovation Listings– See below for a listing of some ideas we have vetted. To be included please email us here.

2. Virtual Events – We ran three last week with over 1,200 attendees from at least 15 countries and have set up COVID Challenges WEEKLY for all of April.  Here is who Won Heat 1 – check them out!

#WarOnCOVID CHallenge HEAT 1 Winners
1st- Helpsy Health  – AI / Virtual Nurses 
2nd- Rivertown BioScience  – Drug candidate to repair pulmonary damage due to COVID-19
The Crowd Favorite-  – Everything about COVID we know to date with references!
To Attend please click here.

3. SHOWCASE On – Applications are being put into showcases on our crowdfunding platform – going live on 4/2.  Get your innovation listed by going to, logging in with Linkedin and click START in the menu.  Don’t forget to choose COVID-19 as the primary category!

4. Livestreams and Videos – We recorded and livestream all our events – including the Heats of the COVID-19 CHallenges. See them all on our Youtube channel and at


Check Out Some of the amazing COVID Innovations we have heard about so far!

Birya Biotech has created this amazing compendium of COVID facts and how to protect yourself NOW.  See

Care + Wear – Need Gown and Masks for your Medical Facility – Get them from the leading innovator in the medical garment space and maker of hospital gowns, PICC line covers, and more that Patients and Hospital Leaders LOVE!  Email them today to place your order at very reasonable prices – no price gouging (bulk orders only please!)  Email Care + Wear Here.

Direct Shifts – A fast-growing leader in locum tenums hiring is responding to the need for more care providers in the COVID crisis by making their service FREE. Read the press release here or go to now or email the team here.  Find the resources you need now! 

Helpsy Health – Helpsy is providing access to their virtual nurse and symptom tracking platform to several major organizations.  To learn how they can help you, email them now here!

MedStartr (Hey, that’s us!!!) Has assembled a Supplies Vetting and Sourcing function that is qualifying and procuring massive amounts of masks, protective clothing, ventilators, test kits, meds and more across over 30 suppliers!  Call 530-MED-STAR (530.633.7827) or email us if you need a million masks or 25,000 Ventilators or whatever.

SafeHealth – One of the hottest companies in the healthtech world is bringing their mad skills in infectious disease testing and telemedicine is bringing their skills to help with COVID-19 testing.  Download the app (Apple / Android) or go to the site and sign up to get tested.  Expected release 3/26 if not sooner!

Track Virus is the first app dedicated to track and stop the spread of the corona virus.  Learn more at the site or email them here.

Twiage has implemented Ambulance Based COVID tracking and notification for 24 of its hospital clients already.  See how twiage can help your ED know before the patient arrives as soon as possible!  Call 646.956.2770 and read more here!
Valera Health is working with HR departments, benefits staff and payers to create program based on a team approach for longitudinal care for employees, beneficiaries and staff.  From meditation to therapy to medications, Valera Health is implementing tele mental health solutions and programs during this time of crisis.  Contact for more info

Thank you for all you do for healthcare Innovation!  We are doing what we can to help, but please always be welcome to tell us how we could do more! To be added to our list please apply to win the COVID Innovation Challenge or post your project on

Stay Safe!


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