Clubhouse Moderator Tips II by Roland Da Silva

Roland Da Silva, Economist, Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Moderator in many MedStartr Rooms in Clubhouse summarized our Moderator training session on March 15th, 2021.  Please see his notes below.  Thank you Roland!  You can find Roland on Twitter as @R_Strat_Purpose and on Linked in here.  Some may be somewhat redundant with the ones I wrote out here, but this has a few more thoughts and is organized in a brief, topical format, so read both!  We both just summarized input from the MedStartr Moderators, a group of amazing folks.  You can find the MedMods running rooms all day and night in the MedStartr Healthcare Innovation Club on Clubhouse and tweeting with the Hashtag #MedMods.

Moderation Training notes for CH

By Roland Da Silva, Summarizing MedStartr Moderator Training Session on 3/15/2021


  • Always download the latest version of clubhouse
  • 3 roles main moderator, screener and notetaker
  • Have a back channel (Twitter/ LinkedIn/ Instagram) for the event
  • Preparation helps gets past dead spots
  • Friends don’t let friends Moderate alone
  • Make sure you include a club admin in your group so it can get on the calendar

 Marketing the room/ event

  • Pingathon – invite and have people invite others into the room
  • Crowd surf the audience to invite people up
  • Don’t let people up if they have a blank profile
  • Tweet to promote the event

Hosting the room / event


  • Have a list of topics you want to cover
  • Try and keep introductions short

Hosting tips

  • Don’t abuse your power and be respectful
  • Be succinct
  • Provide hype for the speakers in your rooms
  • Smile, Have Fun, it’s infectious!
  • Be welcoming to the newcomers / party hats
  • Summarize the conversation every once in awhile
  • Make sure to reset the room when your bring someone up and let them know the boundaries
  • No dead air – Be ready to fill space, rely on your co-moderator
  • Handling people off topic: thank, summarize positively and redirect. 2nd offense – politely ask them to stay on topic and respect the time of the audience.  3rd, remove
  • Ask what other topics you would like to hear when you finish a room for a spinoff room in the future

App related tips

  • Use mic clapping and hand raising to get a vote
  • Pull To Refesh – PTR, have a Clubhouse album of pictures that you might make your icon
  • Use status pictures and How to change your picture
  • Pay attention to the audience size, pay attention to party hats, acknowledge global speakers
  • Close your room when you are done

Notes for Audience

  • Fill out your profile
  • Be respectful
  • Add value when you are brought to the stage
  • Reset the room every 20 minutes or so or after it gets off course

Once again, thank you Roland for summarizing so well and being part of the MedStartr Healthcare Innovation Club!

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