Clubhouse events February 10 – 14th

The last time we sent out one of our emails was last year, we had a different president, the vaccine wasn’t being administered but most importantly we weren’t on Clubhouse. Since you are reading this email you know one of the great passions we have at MedStartr is building healthcare innovation communities. Clubhouse is the latest and fasting growing community we started with over 3 thousand members in our club in less than one month. We run healthcare-specific events every day and this week is focusing on pharma.  If you are already on Clubhouse join our club MedStartr Healthcare innovators and join in on the conversation.

What is Clubhouse?
Clubhouse is an audible only networking app. Unfortunately, right now it’s for iPhones only.

Clubhouse Events 
(All events in Eastern Standard time)
Wednesday, February 10th
12:30 pm – USA enter the European PharmaTech Market – How the health systems and laws influence PharmaTech in the EU is important to know when entering the European and especially the German speaking markets

5:00 pm – Drive policy change by engaging your Congressional Reps –  Proactive approaches to policy change are necessary more than ever. Join us and share your stories or thoughts on how best to engage your Congressional reps to be the change we need today.

8:30 pm – The Shift in Healthcare Delivery – a recorded discussion for Steve Wardell podcast DigitalHealth InvestorTalk 

10:00 pm Let’s Talk about sextech, baby – Sex is natural, sex is good, not everybody does it, let’s fix that. SexTech is all about improving sexual health through technology and innovation.

Thursday, February 11th
5:00 pm – Designing Solutions for What Patients Say They Want & Need – Let’s chat about ways to leverage design principles to improve patient centricity, address social determinants of health and improve patient experience and outcomes. How well are we truly designing solutions that address what patients say that they want and need?

11:00 am –  Pharmacist Phamra – Pharmcectuical innovations from the point of pharmacists one of the most underutilized but important care providers.

8:30 pm Healthcare Professionals Meet! Let’s Talk CH Clubs –  Wondering how to start a Club or maybe, you’re wondering whether you should ever start a club? If you have a club, maybe you want to know how to grow your club or engage your club’s audience?

Friday, February 12th

12:00 pm – It’s Friday Pitches – Our signature pitch event! Companies are given two minutes to present their innovation.  This week we are focusing on companies in the pharma space.

4:00 pm – Building Systemic Resilience in Healthcare – How are our healthcare systems supporting our helpers right now? We need solutions to support those in medicine and healthcare without them feeling the burden is solely placed on themselves. This discussion will bring together voices from medicine, healthcare, innovation, pharma, and mental health.

8:30 pm COVID Shock: what healthcare changes will persist? – What healthcare changes will persist after COVID and what will revert? This event is recorded for use in Steven Wardell’s DigitalHealth InvestorTalk podcast.

Saturday, February 13th –

4:00 pm Health Advocacy & Scalable Business Models – Health Advocacy & Scalable Business Models From MedStartr Healthcare Innovators.

Sunday, 14th –
10:30 am- Nursing Innovation in Healthcare – This conversation is intended to raise awareness on current nursing innovation, how to support and expand it, and to predict the future.

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