Pitch Contest

In 2017 we launched the MedStartr Fund, which invests in and accelerates the best new ideas in healthcare. We know they are the best as the performance of the teams we select is well above industry averages – like 10x better than you better funds. This is because we use our pitch contests and Crowd Challenges around the world to provide the first criteria for selection. Pre-revenue startups can win over $300K in investments and partner packages that include Amazon Web Services, Software development, Pilots, Partnerships, office space, legal services, design help and entry into the MedStartr Acceleration Program (MAP.) The MAP provides up to three years of Strategic Planning, introductions to our network of healthcare innovation leaders, inclusion in our national events and participation in all promotional programs and can lead to over 2M in funding from MedStartr Ventures.

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Crowd Challenges 

We have created the CrowdsCure Challenge Platform, a place where open Innovation contests can be powered by crowdfunding. Contests are a great way to crowdsource innovative ideas and when combined with crowdjudging through crowdfunding you do not only get innovators involved, but potential partners and millions of members of the Crowd that Cares.  When the general public gets behind an idea, amazing things happen.  As Challenge sponsors, our government and corporate clients can lay out a problem they want solved and ask the Crowd to help by providing their best solutions and backing the ones they like best.  It is a great way to “Crowd Test before you Invest”, removing risk and adding in massive awareness and adoption, often before a product even exists.

Check Out Our NOLAHI Quadruple Challenge for Tulane/HCA, BCBS, Ochsner, and ten other sponsors example here