War On COVID Heat 1

Apothēka– Integrates with Electronic Medical Records Systems plus clinical applications and transforms them into secure Blockchain ecosystems to facilitate security, data integrity, and interoperability.

Navimize– uses proprietary algorithms to eliminate patient wait times. Our cutting-edge software puts you in control of your schedule, without requiring you to lift a finger. The platform seamlessly tracks and predicts delays, then it sends real-time alerts to notify patients.

Element3 – Element3 Health’s vibrant network of clubs, associations and benefits attracts and retains members and extends their prime of life.

Hygeia- A medical station in offices where doctors can provide services outside of their normal hours. In the station, the doctor can check Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Pulse Oximetry, BMI (Height & Weight), Body Temperature, Dermascope, Otoscope, Stethoscope

Rivertown BioScience – have developed RT1840, patent-protected, inhaled therapeutic that prevents/reverses scarring in a model of pulmonary fibrosis.

Think BioSolutions – Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platforms include a Bluetooth enabled FDA 510(k) cleared pulse oximeter, App, HIPAA compliant cloud, dashboard, analytics, and REST APIs for integration. We also help partners identify and monitor KPIs to measure the impact of RPM on their business.

MircoX– A blood test to check for COVID-19 in 7 minutes

Teicos – produces nano-encapsulated inhalable dry powder formulations to deliver drugs to the deep lung. We wish to apply this technology to deliver therapeutic salt to cheaply and effectively treat the leading cause of death from COVID-19: Pneunomea.

Helpsy -Powered by AI, Helpsy’s virtual nurse creates a custom whole-health care plan (physical, emotional, social and support services) and engages the patient 24/7 by monitoring symptoms, answering questions and escalating care as needed

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