War On COVID Crowd Challenge Finals

Recorded Wednesday June 24th, 2020

Watch the very exciting WarOnCOVID Finals.  After four semi-final heats we had an amazing group of startups that had won their way onto the stage and into our due diligence processes.  over 130 teams went in and three came out, largely based upon this pitch contest.

Every day thousands are falling ill and dying due to the Corona Virus. As healthcare solution builders, entrepreneurs, activists, leaders, care providers, investors, and more, we, as individuals and as a community can do something. From PPE to new treatments to virus tracking apps, we have seen hundreds of new ideas and applications of existing ideas already. Since early March we have been running virtual pitch competitions to help get these ideas attention and into the marketplace. So first and foremost, this Challenge is creating a Showcase and Marketplace for all COVID-related Innovations. We want to help Doctors, Hospital Staff, Public Health Leaders, Employers, Patients and really all of us, find everything we need to help us get through this global pandemic safer and healthier.

Here are the finalist for the crowd challenge, click the link to rate the projects.

  1. Litesprite: Game Your Health- Litesprite’s digital therapeutic games for chronic conditions deliver data-driven insight to clinicians & patients. Sinasprite is our clinically-validated mental health video-game.  Project Here
  2.  Antiviral fabrics: mitigate COVID-19 contagion in public spaces – We want to create a fabric that can be hung in restaurants and public spaces to intercept and neutralize infected aerosol and therefore mitigate the spreading of COVID-19 infection. Project Here
  3. ArmHug: Portable Phlebotomy station- Manufacturing and packaging cost-effective medical supply kits for nurses and mobile phlebotomists in NYC for COVID-19 response Project Here
  4. Hico Health: Adopt A Church, Empower Ourselves- Black-owned, woman-owned, a telehealth company that partners with churches to deliver health literacy education and behavioral change instruction to minority populations. Project Here
  5. Totally Pregnant: Maternity Trust Engagement Platform-Totally Pregnant: Maternity Trust Engagement Platform – Totally Pregnant is a trusted white label engagement platform for pregnant and soon to be pregnant moms. Project Here
  6. avoMD: COVID-19- avoMD: COVID-19 – Doctors make decision-assisting bots for doctors. Project Here
  7. illumate health- Self-care by addiction patients supported via telehealth – Health Recovery Coach is a digital care platform clinically designed to assist SUD patients in managing their recovery and help create habits for a sustainable sober lifestyle. Project Here
  8. IMYourDoc: Mobile Remote Care – A single platform for ALL remote care needs. Not just video only. Real-time image, document and messaging with patients and amongst health professionals that happens around the synchronous video visit. Project Here
  9. First Outcomes: HlthBots – First Outcomes HlthBots provide resiliency and on-demand scaling to physician operations, allowing them to meet surge care needs in times of disaster or other health emergency Project Here 

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