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MedStartr Ventures, which started as Health 2.0 NYC, runs open innovation programs, crowdchallenges, and pitch contests in 33 cities to drive healthcare innovation around the world and find teh best startups to invest in and accelerate. In our new partnership with The Healthcare Innovation Company, we are bringing our unique approach to selecting our accelerator and portfolio companies at the thINc360 conference on May 24th. Winners will be entered into the Spring 2022 MedStartr Accelerator Program and receive up to $500,000 in funding, acceleration, and partner deals. Each company will have 4 minutes to pitch their idea followed by 4 minutes of questions from the amazing industry expert judges. The live and online audiences of thousands of healthcare leaders will be able to judge, advise, and contact startups on stage right on their thINc360 app! You can watch on MedStartr.TV and help judge right here too. Last, but not least, you can attend the thINc360 Conference in real life with teh discount code MedStartr50 for half price. Here are five teams looking to scale their medical innovations The Teams: EducationXR Presented by Cory Heizenrader, CEO – a device agnostic, no code content creation and education platform that helps people make their own AR, VR, Web and Modile educational tools easily. @xr_education Blackbird Health – Presented by Erin Moore, VP Operations – a comprehensive virtual-first approach to pediatric mental health to help every child succeed every time. @BlackbirdHI @ekeeleymoore PainNavigator Presented by Kelly McKay-Lumbreras, CEO – Creating digital therapeutics for chronic pain to make holistic approaches accessible creating better options and outcomes for people in pain. Beam Presented by Katie Bell, CEO – an online exercise, education and well-being platform designed for people with chronic health conditions. @beamfeelgood SMART Charts Presented by Corinne Vargas, CEO – a therapy platform that makes people get better faster and therapists and patients love to use. @MySmartCharts Judging While everyone is a judge, these amazing people will be on stage asking the tough questions, representing all the major stakeholders these innovations are trying to help. You can play the home game too and be a judge with this link. We will collect the data at 5:15 PM after the challenge or you can review ahead of time pre-pitch too as there are links to the teams sites and more info there too. The Judges Regina Holliday @ReginaHolliday Patient Activist and Founding Artist, The Walking Gallery Mike Ravenscroft Startup Success Manager, Dreamit Ventures Healthtech Paulo Machado @pjmachado Investor, Venture Partner, MedStartr and Health Innovation Partners Gautam (Dr.G) Gulati, MD, MBA, MPH Founder, The Well Home & Well Played Frank Jorgensen Managing Partner, Bright Family Office Lee Becker SVP & GM, Public Sector, Medallia Should be great, see you there! Register here to be kept in the know and to show you care!


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