Q2 2020 MedStartr Investor Call


Recorded on August 20th, 2020

MedStartr Venture Partners, General Partner to MedStartr Venture Fund II, Managing Partner, Alex Fair goes over key points in the 2020 Q2 investor letter followed by presentations from 3 of the portfolio CEOs. Afterward, the team answers questions from the investors.

Contents of the Video:

0:00Overview: MedStartr’s Alex Fair going over MVF II performance

7:54Alertgy CEO, Marc Rippen discusses progress and plans for his wearable glucose monitor.  Website: Alertgy.com

17:45Safely CEO, Lauren Weiniger provides an update on Safely with some discussion of their JV / spin-off with the Mayo Clinic.  Website: safely.me

25:50Valera Health CEO, Thomas Tsang, MD, MPH introduces his company and discusses their debt to equity conversion just months after our investment. Website: ValeraHealth.com

37:20Questions and Answers

46:10Closing Remarks

If you have any follow-up questions or want to get in contact with one of the companies please reach out to one of the partners.

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