MedMo Reopen The World NYC

We are super stoked to finish our first real event in NYC in over a year. After running over 600 virtual events (no, that is not a typo!) we kicked off the #MedMo ReOpen the World Tour in Chicago two weeks ago. The Event was great, but it wasn’t in our hometown, not in OUR City with our people. That is why we are so pleased to have over 100 people to come and 7 amazing startups that will knock your socks off. The Panelists including Shereese Maynard, MS, MBA, George T Mathew MD, Inderpal Chhabra MD, Sunita Parajuli, Gaurav Mehta, ++ are amazing as well.

NOTE: Please make sure you are ready to show your vaccination status or recent COVID test. The Delta Variant is running rampant among the unvaccinated and we do not want to spread it! We have test kits at the door and we will send you home if you are positive or can’t prove you are not. Not playing Here!

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MedMo Events

We run events worldwide that dozens of people attend in person and hundreds watch virtually. If you sponsor one of our events, we can develop a contests around an area of interest for your company/community.

MedStartr Podcast

We have teamed up with Matthew Zachary founder of off script media and cancer sucks to produce a podcast centered around healthcare innovation bringing startups, patients, doctors and large organization to discuss solutions to our healthcare issues.

Innovation Communities

MedStartr communities are hosted by trusted mentors in our network that lead the growth of a global grassroots healthcare innovation networks with chapters worldwide.

Crowd Challenges was one of the first healthcare innovation crowdfunding sites, with 126 metrics to determine which startups will be successful. Participates will be able to like, donate, invest, pilot and share the startups they like best.

Startup times

Emedevents – Priya Korrapati – 12:06

Pelex – Jeremy Wiygul – 25:41

Beam – Katie Bell – 35:57

Gravitas labs – Pamela Grace – 47:43

Umbrosys – Yan Rybachenko – 58:32 S

phere Health – Owen Muir, MD – 1:08:35

NeuroSonics – Nao Gamo – 1:12:38


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