Interview with Mymee Founder Mette Dyhrberg

*Lost the first 5 minutes of the interview*
Alex Fair interviews CEO and Founder of Mymee Mette Dryhrberg whose revolutionizing lupus treatment. She has form partnerships with health insurance.

“Mymee is a pioneering digital care program that uses symptom tracking, powerful data analytics & certified health coaches to empower those who suffer from autoimmune diseases like RA, Psoriasis & Lupus, to reclaim their health.

Through the program’s intuitive app and powerful data analytics, Mymee decodes the unique dietary and environmental factors that may be personal triggers for an individual’s disease. We develop a personalized plan, supported by certified health coaches, who guide behavior changes and motivate participants to adopt the specific habits needed to reverse their symptoms and finally feel better.

Mymee has a proven track record, backed by a randomized clinical controlled trial, in which participants reduced fatigue, reduced pain and improved overall physical health. By improving the quality of life for people living with autoimmune diseases, we are also able to reduce healthcare spending of autoimmune patients for employers and insurance companies.

Mymee is a platform designed to transform lives. We partner with companies and payers, offering plans that are centered on the patients, to improve productivity and ROI.”


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