AC⚡VC 🔥 Highway to HLTH Pitch Contest

Las Vegas was the last stop on the 2022 MedStartr Momentum (#MedMo) World Tour where we run contests to find the best startups to put on stage and ask the crowd to help us decide who wins. Las Vegas is all about gambling, but when we put our money on the table for our next investments, we count the cards as a team Our team includes over 150,000 people like you and organizations like HLTH, the AMA, and now our portfolio companies like Valera Health, Direct Shifts, Mymee, YourCoach,, Offscrip Health and Care+Wear, who get involved and tell us what they think about the teams in our contests. And then that same crowd of amazing people very often includes the startups’ next big customers, investors, team members, and partners, Accelerating Crowd⚡Validated Companies 🚀

Aline Noizet, Digital Health Connector
Amy Gleason, Russell Street Ventures
Ashish Patel, CareSet
Eugene Borukhovich, YourCoach
Nick Adkins, Pinksocks Life
Paulo Machado, MedStartr Ventures
Shereese Maynard, HITLikeaGirl Podcast
John Hui, CEO, Twiage

Teams Competing: by Adam Hutchinson, CEO treats anxiety, stress & other disorders with VR therapy. It’s low-cost, home-based, psychologist-developed, clinically proven, scalable & HIPAA compliant. @oVRcomeapp
SOOVU by Jenny Hapgood, President/COO is a thermal wearable that targets the TRPV-1 receptor to block pain and improve wellbeing. @SoovuPods by Hannes Bend, CEO uses your webcam, wearables, and AI to create bio-adaptive visual screen changes to improve productivity and wellbeing to make your employees Rock 🤘🤘🤘 @breathing_ai
Casual Recovery by Aisha Mccain, CEO has created anew type of medical garment that allows patients to manage their medical drains improving outcomes in initial studies. @CasualRecovery by David Kuraguntla, CEO, is a noninvasive remote monitoring system for dialysis patients that detects complications and improve quality, access and cost of care. @WeAreAlio by Florence Furaha, CEO uses patent pending tech to match and manage senior care, providing a full-service solution for plans, employers and government programs @meetCaregivers
Nanowear by Venk Varadan, CEO, is a cloth-based nanotech / ML remote diagnostics device and service with OEMs, therapeutics, CROs and service providers in structural cardiology. @nanowearinc

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