2021 Vision Finals

2020 has final come to an end, and so does the MedMo 2021 Vision Challenge. We took the best of the best and brought them back to see who would make the biggest impact in the coming year!

1.Gabi Smartcare- Jonathan Baut – 0:34:13
With the support of 50 doctors and 1000 parents, GSC has developed a smart, hardware-enabled digital health platform exclusively dedicated to pediatrics, providing a unique level of knowledge to all stakeholders (doctors, parents and researchers) to better prevent, diagnose and monitor pediatric pathologies, with a 1st main axis: Respiratory
2.Elbe Valley – Rob Reynolds – 0:47:55
Elbe Valley therapy is based on MEMS technology for non-invasively treating various critical conditions such as solid tumors or cancers. In their therapy, tiny intelligent micro-nanobots (MEMS device) flow in the bloodstream to diagnose and treat solid tumors.

3.Implandata – Max Ostermeier – 1:00:12
MedStartr Project – https://www.medstartr.com/project/detail/201494-Remote-care-of-glaucoma-patients
Implandata is going to transform glaucoma care via its disruptive Eyemate system for digitally enabled remote management of glaucoma patients

4.Floelle-Jerrold Shapiro – 1:15:05
Treating female stress urinary incontinence
Making 500 million women happy by treating their incontinence without surgery, giving them their lives back

5.Tuzag – Neal Sofian – 1:28:26
A digital concierge for enhancing engagement

6. Predictiv- Sajung Yun – 1:48:50
Gene sequencing to help predict, prevent and decrease the
Impact of disease – catalogs of diseases predicted, drug reactions checked, and genes identified is larger than the majority of the competition at the price points offered.

7.Sana Health – Richard Hanbury – 2:04:31
Sana is a nonaddictive simple mask and headphones you wear on your head. The device uses audio visual stimulation to increase the balance between the left and right side of your brain leading to greater relaxation.

8.Dispatch Care – Kwamane Liddell – 2:18:35
DispatchCare is a HIPAA compliant store that connects to each patient’s electronic health record and automatically filters products based on their doctor’s orders. DispatchCare gives patients the peace of mind to be able to order the nutritional items they need to recover from the comfort of their own home.

Winners announced- 2:36:32

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