2021 Vision Challenge Heat # 2 Video

Recorded Oct 21st, 2020

There was an excellent field in this contest with six medical device companies alone and 11 teams pitched overall.

Here are the teams in the order they pitched:

1.GFR90: Wearable Artificial Kidney Norm Tiffin- https://www.medstartr.com/project/detail/201530-Wearable-Artificial-Kidney (2nd Place!) – 21:40

GFR90 is a medical device development company created to bring a wearable artificial kidney to people suffering from end-stage renal disease

2.Beyond Lucid– Jonathon Feit – 36:00


Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc. (BLT), is a health-and-safety IT firm that develops software packed with innovations that make Fire, Ground and Air Emergency Medical Services, medical transportation and Community Paramedicine / Mobile Integrated Health safer, more efficient and more cost-effective

3.PetPen– Cheryl Muise – 50:00


An injection pen that can be used with all types/brands of insulin.

4.AudibleRx– Steve Leuck – 1:03:25


AudibleRx provides useful and accessible, Consumer Medication Information (CMI), in audible format, as an alternative or supplement to the printed material currently provided by pharmacies and hospitals.

5.Ocuflow– Theresa Kramer – 1:18:50


OcuFLOW, Inc. is dedicated to the development of ocular device technology that provides early, clinically significant data on ocular blood blow to assist in managing blindness-causing conditions.

6.Pons-Soner Haci – 1:36:34


Pons is an ML software that converts traditional Ultrasound systems and devices into smart and AI-driven diagnostics and non-robotic navigation system focusing on Brain/Spine Injuries and Neurosurgeries.

7.immugen– Craig Travis – 1:59:40


Their drugs target the peripheral cannabinoid receptors which are expressed in the immune system, vaginal tissue and intestinal mucosa leading to a quiescent state which is unfavorable for HIV transmission and replication.

8.Docpace– Shelby Sanderford – 2:12:20


DOCPACE takes the guesswork out of managing your healthcare business. Their predictive software shows you how to effectively serve your patients, which not only increases their satisfaction but also maximizes your billable hours at the same time.

9.Floelle-Jerrold Shapiro  – (First Place!) – 2:24:00

Treating female stress urinary incontinence

Making 500 million women happy by treating their incontinence without surgery, giving them their lives back

You can find and fund Floelle on MedStartr.com here:  https://www.medstartr.com/project/detail/201535-Treating-female-stress-urinary-incontinence

10.Grief Coach– Emma Payne – 2:36:15


Grief Coach sends personalized text messages all year long, based on your loss. If you have friends and family who want to help, but aren’t sure how, they’ll receive tips and reminders too. Everyone’s messages will be customized based on age, cause of death relationship.

11. cloud 9 byDelanea Davis.   – 2:47:15

Find and fund this project today at: https://www.medstartr.com/project/detail/201529-Doctor-Recommended-Platform-to-Reinforce-Well-Being

Rooted in data and analytics, our clinically designed mindfulness platform allows us to white label a mobile app and customizes the experience for the client’s wellness population with medical-grade mindfulness meditations, key contacts, mood tracking, 2-way communication messaging and more.


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