2021 Vision Results

After seeing hundreds of companies and running 6 contest for COVID, we wanted to look towards the future, and talk companies that will be making a name for themselves in 2021. Yesterday 9 companies presented their innovations live in front of over 70 people!

The companies that presented

1.Magic horizons –  offers a unique combination of elaborately produced 360-degree environments in 3D, calming music, modern virtual reality technology, and relaxing virtual worlds for VR headsets. They unique AI can give the user a custom experience, that is best tailored to them.

2. Growfitter–  A workout app that rewards the user by offered prizes based on the number of days they workout! It only cost two dollars a month to use! The grand prize is an iPhone 11. They are located across different countries.  “Burn calories not money”

3.  Ligence- An AI software that can read the results of an ultrasound. They are able to save the doctor 5 times the amount of time they would have taken.

4. SmartSteward- first and only intelligent software system that provides nursing facilities with automated early detection and tracking of potentially deadly infectious outbreaks, including influenza, COVID-19 and drug-resistant infections.SmartSteward™ also provides important decision support tools for antibiotic stewardship, regulatory compliance, and optimized cms reimbursement. They also a project on Medstartr check them out here.

5. Kinaptic- wearable solutions deliver clinical quality diagnostic and treatment solutions to everyday garments. They are able to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis & Pulmonary Embolisms.

6. Polaris- connects a healthcare transportation platform connecting ride requestors and ride payers with transportation providers for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) and non-medical transport passenger services.

7. Oxihealth- OxiHealth Accure Test is the first and only comprehensive Oxidative Stress Test.

8.Healthassist– is an application embedded into a Samsung Galaxy watch that reminds your love one to take their medications, schedule medical exams, while tracking heart rate and physical activity. Need 911 or to notify a caretaker? Just one click away! Check out their MedStartr project here.

9. Preditivcare-  aims to prevent or decrease the impact of disease upon the patient. By predicting the probability of disease, preventive measures can be instituted.

The Winners Are

3rd place- Preditivcare

2nd place- Ligence 

1st place-  Growfitter 

A special thank you to our newest sponsor Oscar health

Oscar is the first health insurance company built to make health care easy. Headquartered in New York City, Oscar has been challenging the health care system’s status quo since our founding in 2012, developing seamless technology and providing personalized support to help our members navigate their health care. We’re looking for people to help us change health care. Check out our open roles at https://www.hioscar.com/careers
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