2021 Heat 3 Companies Pitching

As 2020 heads into the home stretch we turn our gaze to 2021. We have high hope for the year and for Heat 3 of our 2021 Vision. After the largest funding year ever in healthcare, we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Another sign 2021 will be a great year is that Pfizer’s vaccine has a  90% effectiveness rate, will hopefully cure COVID. Be sure to watch on MedStartr.tv or sign up to attend and to ask questions at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2021-vision-challenge-heat-3-tickets-126822829497

1.ActivAir Boris Leschinsky

Website- www.myactivair.com
World’s First PPE with Active Air Disinfection to Protect Against COVID-19. They developed a helmet with the same air sterilization technology used in hospitals.

2.Personal Remedies- Mory Bahar

MedStartr project – https://www.medstartr.com/project/detail/201072-Personal-Nutrition-Advisor
Dietary Guidance App for Multiple Chronic Conditions. They tell you which “Food is Medicine” and for what illness.

3.Pregnabit Jacek Gnich

MedStartr Project – https://www.medstartr.com/project/detail/201544-Unique-technology-procedures-to-improve-prenatal-care
Nestmedics flagship Product Pregnabit is a mobile medical device that combines a telemedical cardiotocography unit (teleCTG) with expert remote analysis of CTG readouts by qualified medical personnel

4.BEC – Pablo Itturriage

MedStartr Project – https://www.medstartr.com/project/detail/201490-BEC-(active-component):-Anti-cancer,-Anti-psoriasis
Natural skin cancer treatment with 100% effectiveness if continued passed 12 weeks, natural and safe psoriasis treatment, unique cosmetics and sunblock with proprietary cancer prevention formulation.

5. Implandata – Max Ostermeier

MedStartr Project – https://www.medstartr.com/project/detail/201494-Remote-care-of-glaucoma-patients
Implandata is going to transform glaucoma care via its disruptive Eyemate system for digitally-enabled remote management of glaucoma patients

6.Parents Plus – Saima Haq

Website – Parentsplus.co
Parentsplus is a platform that helps alleviate the isolation felt by many caregivers of special needs children by creating a community of friends and family.

7.Tuzag – Neal Sofian

Website –https://wearetuzag.com/

A digital concierge for enhancing engagement

8.Potassium – Fred Chasalow

MedStartr Project – https://www.medstartr.com/project/detail/1319
Making pre-eclampsia a disease rather than a syndrome, by using spiral steroid phosphesters.

9. Thera Byron Booker

Website – https://www.theravr.io/
Virtual reality for Mental Health. The complete Vr Telehealth system for Practitioners and patients

10.Sana Health – Richard Hanbury

Website – https://www.sana.io/
Sana is a nonaddictive simple mask and headphones you wear on your head. The device uses audiovisual stimulation to increase the balance between the left and right side of your brain leading to greater relaxation.

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