MedStartr – Leading the Healthcare Revolution

In 2008 we began developing and operating communities, events, and websites that brought together a crowd that cares deeply about advancing medical innovation. 

In 2012 we began running contests and challenges for corporations, institutions, associations and municipalities to find and fund the best new ideas in healthcare to partner, pilot and invest in. 

In 2017 we opened our first MedStartr Venture Fund to invest in and accelerate the amazing companies crowd sourced and crowd validated in what has become one of the world’s largest healthcare innovation ecosystems we call MedStartr. 


In the last decade Crowdfunding, has become a major way to dung new products. But not only is MedStartr healthcare-focused, you will also get pilots, partners, and a massive crowd behind your idea if you do it right. After over 402 campaigns and hundreds of successes, we know what it takes to do this.

MedStartr Challenges 

Thousands of startups compete for momentum, adoption and funding from industry leaders in Crowd Challenges and the MedMo World Tour pitch contests.   

MedStartr Ventures

MedStartr leverages our unique access, network, community, data sources and proprietary algorithm to reduce risk early-stage healthcare investing 


MedStartr Direct

MedStartr Direct connects buyers and sellers of Medical Supplies and Innovations.  Utilizing our longstanding and new, highly-vetted relationships with Medical Suppliers, Innovators, Government Agencies, Institutions, Hospitals, and Corporations,


Through our conferences, events, and crowd-platforms, MedStartr™ has created one of the world’s largest communities of healthcare innovation stakeholders.

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