Apply to Mentor and / or Judge

Welcome to the MedStartr Mentor/ Judge Application

Thank you for your interest in Mentoring or Judging early-stage healthcare companies that participate in the many MedStartr programs. Mentors form a key part of our community and have since our very first days. More recently we have seen Mentors join teams enabling rapid growth, become MedStartr Fund Investors, and getting more engaged than ever in myriad ways. If you have received an invitation to apply, you have our sincere appreciation and respect for your contributions to healthcare innovation. If you are a new applicant, we look forward to meeting you and learning how you can help our MedStartrs drive innovation faster and better than ever and how we can help you.

What do Mentors Do?

That is up to you, but at the very minimum, we will ask you to review applications in your areas of interest for contests and to support or advise MedStartrs as you are inspired to. It can be as simple as tweeting or backing the project or as deep as becoming an adviser, partner, investor, champion, early adopter, or joining a team. People become MedStartr Mentors for the same reason we all work in healthcare innovation, to make it go better and faster.

How Does it Work?

Based upon your stated areas of interest, we will send you updates on live projects and projects about to go live. You can opt-in to the projects and get involved on any levels you wish, connecting directly with the innovators. We also will ask you to participate in events and challenges as reviewers, judges, and panelists around the world. The hottest, cutting edge ideas are coming through MedStartr and if you want in early, this is the place to get to know these companies earlier than anywhere else.

How Does Judging work?

We often need expert judges for challenges like this one for the AHA. Apply here and we will add you to our crowd of judges where appropriate. Our online judging system makes it really easy to add your thoughts and help get involved in helping the best ideas get out to market faster. Your help makes all the difference

Benefits of Being a MedStartr Mentor

  • First look and first access to some of the hottest innovations in healthcare (great for institutional or corporate leaders and investors!)
  • Instant communications with anyone in the MedStartr Global Community (usually you have to ask first)
  • Invitations to Speak, Judge, be on panels, and participate in our Investment Review Committee meetings
  • Access to due diligence data (NDA required) for companies relating to your areas of expertise
  • Eligible for Venture Partner program
  • Getting involved in innovation in medicine helps you have an impact on the success of new ideas that will help millions live longer better lives
  • Looks great on your LinkedIn Profile and helps you build your brand as an healthcare innovation leader!

How to Apply to be a MedStartr Mentor:

Step 1: Login to MedStartr and join the Global Community, we suggest you use Linkedin to login as it brings over all your data and helps us validate your credentials

Step 2: Fill out your interests with all the types of innovations you are interested in.

Step 3: Apply to be a mentor by checking the “Apply to be a Mentor” box on your profile. Click the Judge and / or Speaker boxes too if you like!

After you do that we will get back to you promptly and start sending you projects not long thereafter.

Thanks for all you do to drive healthcare innovation forward.  We look forward to your application!