MedStartr School: The Difference between Facebook and Twitter

At MedStartr, we’ve found that projects using social media for outreach and marketing have a better chance of achieving funding goals.  But before you start tweeting, the most important thing to remember is that your followers on Twitter and Facebook are probably differentso it’s a good idea to have different content on both platforms.

Facebook followers expect more detail, images, and conversation.  We have found this is the ideal place to garner a following and to engage with people.  Take advantage of no character limits

Twitter followers tend to use the platform in more of a professional way.  The short posts and stream feed of twitter demands efficiencylook to grap your followers attention with information such as product updates and progress, notifications about your rewards, and anything to increase your overall brand awareness. Twitter can also serve as a great way to find potential backers.  Just by cross checking who a user follows/who follows them, you may find people that share your interests.  Many look towards twitter for ongoing news, and so pasting links to articles also displays your knowledge of the industry, increasing credibility.  Always great for funding initiatives!

And rememberwhen writing pitch content for each platform, think about the goals of the audience following you.  What industries do they hail from?  What is the numerical amount of money they are most likely to donate?  What rewards would provide the greatest incentive?  What is the age group of the average user? 

So, tweet away!

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