Alzheimer’s Disease

//Alzheimer's Disease

May 2013

Our First Alzheimer’s Project

By |May 4th, 2013|Alzheimer's Disease, Entrepreneurship, Projects|

Last Summer my brother Jon asked me to talk to one of his great friends about his idea. His friend Mike Antonucci was one of the first of our generation we knew to start a business and really have it take off. Right out of high school he bought the old content of our local [...]

July 2012

MedStartr School: How to drive everyone to your project: Get emBedded!

By |July 21st, 2012|Alzheimer's Disease, Crowds that Care, How To, Manage Your Campaign|

Crowdfunding isn’t something you learned in your school days, so we are starting our own Crowdfunding Academy, a MedStartr School. ¬†Within this coursework you will learn all the methods that work and can even teach the class after 45 days and a successful project. ¬†We are learning everyday ourselves, so post suggestions if you have [...]