Crowdfunding Optimization is a the reason so many of our projects are successful on MedStartr.  Overall our success rate is in the 40% range, but Optimized projects, ones where we apply our proprietary Crowdfunding Optimization model and engagement methodology are thee times more successful than projects that are not optimized and with 150 campaigns behind us, we get better at it all the time.  We also offer Optimization as part of our Challenge methodology making sure all finalists in a crowdfunding contest look their best.

Our Optimization method starts with about ten hours of expert assistance in planning and preparing your campaign and guiding your outreach efforts.  Next we will introduce you to a select set of mentors that will be most appropriate for your project.  These will be senior managers at some of the top healthcare companies you want to partner with, subject matter experts, healthcare journalists, and accomplished professionals that can help you refine your offering.  Finally when all is in order and you have your media campaign well staged, we will launch your project for optimal exposure and act as your megaphone, promoting your project to our wide audience in healthcare and do targeted outreach.

If you get some early traction we will double down and invest more of our expert time in your project with social media gurus, press relations, investor relations, and the more advance services listed below.  It is important to capitalize on campaign momentum and we will help you maximize this effect as much as possible with just the right experts.  Your Campaign Manager is there to coordinate it all and help you all along the way.

(See our first Crowdfunding Optimization Client Here – 15 months from Prototype to bought by WebMD!)

We know that healthcare innovators are world experts in clinical, scientific, engineering, and/or programming and not everyone has the business design and development skills to bring a product to market.  This is part of the reason most health innovations never get to market or fail when they get there.  We wanted to change that and offer startups just what they need, just when they need it.  From Idea to IPO, we want to be there to help great idea in healthcare along.  Not every project needs every service, but here are just some of those that our trained experts and selected partners provide:

Strategic Business/Market Analysis and Planning – Understanding your target market and your competitors is imperative in developing a successful project. Market analysis and research can become a foundation to build a solid business plan. Appealing to patients, doctors, and other stakeholders in healthcare is necessary in developing a successful project, as is knowing what your customers need and what the competitors do not provide them. MedStartr will help project innovators in their market analysis and the development of a strategic business plan.

Video Development and Editing – MedStartr has been involved in the creation and editing of numerous videos for crowdfunding projects. By making a short, sincere video that engages possible customers, projects can create the difference in success or failure. Videos can provide the emotion and relation that customers are looking for in funding meaningful projects.

Video and Public Speaking Scripting – Creating a video provides an important visual queue; however, scripting for the video and other speaking engagements are just as important. MedStartr works with project creators to develop the cultural context and pitch specifically for crowdfunding audiences.

Copywriting and Editingg – Crafting compelling writing is as necessary as appealing to customers in a video. It is one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing. By strategically delivering the correct words, customers can be persuaded to take action. MedStartr will work with projects to develop the appropriate language and look of the text. Direct mail pieces, web page content, taglines, etc. are scrutinized to develop the best content that can lead to funding.

Marketing – In communicating the value of the products, MedStartr and the project developers will identify the best strategy and function of promoting the product to the customer. Creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings will be executed by capturing market insights, connecting with customers, building a strong brand, shaping the market offerings, and delivering and communicating product value. Marketing strategies and plans will be developed from the information garnered from these steps.

Press and Media Relations – With over a hundred news stories about us and our clients, we have been fortunate to have been covered by scores of major media outlets that cover healthcare in the US and many around the world.  In PR, relationships, timing and tone are everything and we can help make it happen for you and your team.  Here are a few samples of our stories.

Digital/Social Marketing – Actively sending messages to the people that care about your innovation through email, twitter, facebook, direct messages, RSS, and display advertising on pages is a necessary strategy in any marketing campaign. Internet-connected devices, smart phones, tablets, game consoles, and computers, are well established in most people’s lives. Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, Linked In, etc. are an essential part in successful crowdfunding, and product success, generally.  Our digital strategy team is there to help our clients every step of the way, from setting up accounts to figuring out what to say without seeming “Spammy.”

Ongoing Coaching – Project success takes time. Constant communication, updating, identifying areas of improvements, and editing the campaign to make it the best it can be is an ongoing process. MedStartr works with project developers throughout this process.

Mentor Network Access and Introductions – We match your team with the top mentors in the world in your field.  To learn more about the mentor program or to apply to become a mentor, please visit the Mentors page.

Partner Pitching – We make best efforts to connect your company to the appropriate organizations that will want to partner with you and become customers as well as help you strategize for success

Document Access – MedStartr has extensive documentation for startups covering everything from business plans, presentations, and partnership agreements to provisional patent templates, investor documentation, and financial models.  We make these templates available as needed and will assist you in preparing needed documents when you need them.

Accelerator On Ramp – Getting into the right accelerator is like getting into the right college or Med School.  Our relationships with many accelerators will not guarantee entry, but we can advise where you fit best and speak on your behalf.  Our mentors also are mentors in many of the health accelerators around the world and can offer further assistance.  There is no better proof of your concept than the customer adoption and traction a great MedStartr campaign shows and nothing gets an accelerator excited more than early success.  (MedStartr campaigns are great during or after an accelerator program too!)

Events Presentations, and Promotions – as available, your company will be included in all MedStartr events, live or in person.

Investor Relations – every successful and even most of the failed MedStartr campaigns results in numerous investor outreaches to our clients.  What to do next?  Don’t worry, we have you covered.  Our next feature set also autoamtes this process and makes it super smooth, Stay Tuned!

Pivots – When you have that “I guess they’re not that into you” moment, we are there with you to help you figure out what went wrong and how to go forward.  Some of our best successes came from second efforts.  MedStartr itself is a pivot from Service Levels section for more information, Apply to be on MedStartr right now, or call 530.MEDSTARtr today to get Startd.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]